Get to know a zone!

Over the next several posts, this blog will be pulling a Colbert Report-type segment, and we’ll choose different zones to review and reminisce about. Up first is none other than Gertrude’s home spot, Bear Cave!meh

Located to the east of Hagley, Bear Cave rarely visited by anyone but travelers. Early on in the game, visitors would camp at the non-aggressive den of the giant Gertrude the bear.

To me, Bear Cave was one of the fun hill countries that were green and not too scary. I enjoyed exploring the region, though it had less to offer than surrounding zones. To its west sat the level 30 quest hot-spot, Blakedown. A similar region that saw more activity due to its proximity to Forkwatch.

The first time I ever went to Bear Cave it was on accident. This will be a common trend for me because a lot of what I stumbled on in Tunaria was by accident. I was a Human Monk and I was looking for Hagley to do my level 7 quest. Unfortunately, I ran right by Hagley and ended up in the mountains of Bear Cave. I remember there being a large, dark mountain with level 10-13 creatures walking around. At that time, I didn’t fully understand the concept of agro, so I eventually died to some mountain bat.

Bear Cave was one of my first explorations. If you have a story that you want to share about this zone, please feel free to leave it in the comments. For tribute’s sake… here’s the old bear:

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3 Responses to Get to know a zone!

  1. Rain McManis says:

    Great story and I can relate. My first character was a Qeynos human paladin and I absolutely loved that starting area. I loved the gnolls near Hagley for the level 5 quest. Besides the prison, which is one of my favorite grinding zones ever, I greatly enjoyed the rat tomb! I’m not sure if many people know about this awesome zone but it was, I think, behind the bear cave and had rats from level 14-19ish. That was a great grind place too and rarely occupied (at launch when every zone was super crowded!). Love it love it love!

  2. Whistle/Holdup says:

    Was a bandit quest in bear cave zone for bards from Qey that proved quite troubling if not accompanied. Never will forget that bear tho. Was the largest mob I had ever seen at the time. That rat tomb was legit, especially at the time we rolling with a pally bard 2 cleric combo. Which reminds me of how the population was so flush early in the game and it didn’t matter the class, just group and go! And of course the classic enchanter charming that big teddy and tripping her to HP got quite a bit of laughs. No matter how many times I saw that I always let out a chuckle!

  3. misticalmonk says:

    I remember this zone. I believe the last time I went I trained a group of petters >:) . oh, if i could only see those petters now and apologize… i would. I loved this zone and the neighboring zones.. running that trail from Queynos to Forkwatch was very peaceful.. no one literally around for miles just me and my thoughts on my monk. Had some cool landmarks like the tower with a ton of little golems on it. Rory Redface on top of the hill surrounded by bandits… and the stones surrounded by the kobolds.. wait maybe i am thinking of the path to wyndmonham? bah, either way i really liked the zone. And to McManis i believe i remember the Rat Tomb.. it was a big stone entrance inbetween two hills right? near the monk Dojo? also, was blakedown the town near highpass? or was it bastable? i cant remember. You can tell i need to play EQOA

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