This wouldn’t have affected me.

The strange thing about EQOA is that a lot of its players didn’t play PC games. So if this news had happened back during the EQOA days, it wouldn’t really have impacted a lot of us. But just in case you don’t want to click, SOE is now allowing a single membership fee that gives players access to all of their games. I guess that’s great but seriously, there are a ton of F2P games out there that are top-notch.

These 2 quotes from the article sting a bit as they emphasize SOE’s new found interest in listening to their community…

Thank you for your feedback regarding our membership benefits. The result has led to a brand-new offering that we’re excited to bring to our valued players. 


We value you as a player and want you to know we are listening so please continue to share feedback. 


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1 Response to This wouldn’t have affected me.

  1. Clayton says:

    Many of EQOA players like myself are in the shadows. I always google Eqoa, (Month) (Year) to see if any news or progress has been made by more of the tech savvy fan base when it comes to having Eqoa back. Thumbs up to every person who’s commented or made a video about bringing back Eqoa.

    Back to the shadows I go until tomorrow.

    Claydough-60 Ninja, Cotj, Faykind

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