Race War! Round 2

There are 10 races in EQOA and we are trying to find the most dominant of them all. After Round 1, I am looking to eliminate 2 Races, seed the final 8, then build the bracket.

Here are the votes after Round 1:

Barbarians (21) over Ogres (6)

Dark Elves (22) over Erudites (5)

Humans (19) over Halflings (8)

Dwarves (14) over Gnomes (13)

Elves (20) over Trolls (9)

Using total votes, I’m going to rank the teams:

  1. Dark Elves
  2. Barbarians
  3. Elves
  4. Humans
  5. Dwarves
  6. Gnomes
  7. Trolls
  8. Halflings
  9. Ogres
  10. Erudites

And here, ladies and gents, is our bracket (click to enlarge):

bracket1Now for the Round 2 voting (Ending April 7th):

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