Zombie(less) village near BSI – Level 25ish XP spot)

zombie camp

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7 Responses to Zombie(less) village near BSI – Level 25ish XP spot)

  1. Rain McManis says:

    That’s Sunnyvale. It was a nice XP spot. Pulls were fast, everything was undead, no junk drops (I think it was all bone chips, some kind of stackable at least). Great alternative when bandits or gnolls were camped!

  2. Elementalkin says:

    This place was best known for three things:

    1. All hostile mobs here had a notoriously large aggro range, particularly the zombies.
    2. A rather annoying skeletal bard who told the tale of Sunnyvale… over, and over, and over.
    3. Mayor Hesper, an allegedly high-level spawn that required a full-on raid to kill.

    I never saw Hesper myself; of course, the stories about him were fancifully varied. Some say he only spawned once every few weeks, others say a GM had spawned it once. From what I can find online now, there appears to be a ‘sunnyvale mayor’, though I never saw that either.

  3. Rain McManis says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of Mayor Hesper. I camped this place for many…many hours and have never seen him. Very interesting!

    • Elementalkin says:

      Here’s what info I can find.

      This quote:
      “If anyone want’s that robe that Mayor Hesper (or whatever his name is) drops then I’ll give that too(on FH).”

      And, on a different website, info on a robe that is listed as dropping off a mob called ‘sunnyvale mayor’:

      scholar robe
      caster (Classes? MAG/WIZ/ALCH, etc.)
      28 (Level?)
      burgundy (Color?)
      HP: 6200
      DUR: 50

      DEX: 5
      AR: 10
      AC: 14
      STA: 10
      INT: 10

      “This was the robe of Hesper Figger, the mayor of what was once Sunnyvale. This robe was part of the source of his power.”

      Based on this he probably wasn’t a very high level mob, or not much higher than the general area. However, there’s also this thread…:


      …about a server event where in a GM spawned, or took control of, a much more powerful version of the mayor and ravaged everyone from Sunnyvale to DM. Pretty neat.

  4. Whistle/Holdup says:

    So many cool spots around BSI. Not far down was that machine place. Sunnyvale was even useful power leveling toons later on in Eqoa. One of the best spots in game.

    • Stonee says:

      To the West of BSI was that animation place… it was a nightmare type scenario.

      • Sidius MF says:

        The failed experiments i think they were called. I also remember a small tomb or basement area somewhere around there, with spiders in it. One of the earlier places I’d xpd in and i got trained over those spiders lol. The dude that trained me, the name was juggalohound and it was a druid, level 34 at the time I think. I was on my second character, my sk, and i was level 18 i think. that was one of my earlier experiences with griefing in the game, and it being my first online game it had an impact on me ha ha.

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