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Officially a place I never visited in EQOA

I’m under the impression I have seen about 99% of Tunaria’s mainland… well I found part of that 1% while watching one of Alutra’s videos (4:05 in): I couldn’t get the video to link and go to the 4:05 mark. … Continue reading

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Starting to get more interested in this EQ Landmark

I have been watching videos on the product since its announcement but recently I have fallen behind. So I did a quick YT search and found this vid: Listen, this is probably the most excited I’ve been about a video … Continue reading

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Blue skies and green fields

The graphics in EQOA were downright awful compared to what you can get in today’s world. With this said, after playing several MMO’s since EQOA, I can honestly say that no game was able to design an environmental experience on … Continue reading

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