Kiting done right

I remember when I would meet people in EQOA who had played the original EQ. The one thing they would always bring up is that in EQ, a player couldn’t cast a spell and continue to run, where as in EQOA, you could continue to kite a creature while casting, shooting, or throwing. Your character might slow, but it wouldn’t stop completely or interrupt your casting. Now that I have played other MMO’s and now MOBA’s, I came to realize what an awesome feature it was to be able to kite an enemy and still be running.

No class took advantage of kiting like alchemists. The ability to throw and cast (while also healing and speed boosting) made soloing almost anything an option… as long as there was enough terrain to run in a giant circle. Enough terrain was key. For an example, check out a dreadnaught fight in the early days. That was just one of the requirements to solo kite a creature.

Other requirements include but are not limited to: proper use of the camera function to be able to run forward while looking backwards. This is extremely difficult to do on a QWERTY keyboard setup in games like WoW or Vanguard. However a PS2 remote with dual analogs was incredibly intuitive. If the user angled the camera correctly while continuing to auto attack, your toon would pretty much slide rather than run. This allowed for easy maneuvering around corners that chasing NPC’s had great difficulty with.

Another requirement was the use of the “Say-chat glitch.” Simply switch your chat setting to Say, as opposed to Shout, and using the L2 menu, output a message such as “How are you?” Follow that output with a spell cast and the animation would be skipped. Meaning you could continue running at 100% speed without having to slow down to cast a spell. For the record, I didn’t become aware of this glitch until 2010… 7 years after I first started playing. Thank you, Wreck. As an alchemist, this glich was a game changer allowing for mass XP chains at TFG’s.

The last requirement was the ace up your sleeve: the escape option. Using the say-chat glitch, the kiting character either had a root, slow, or SOW. If this wasn’t in your arsenal, kiting required a bit more skill and was a lot riskier. Yet, thanks to glitches in the terrain, kiting without this option was possible as NPC’s would frequently get held up on corners, rocks, and trees for no apparent reason.

Kiting… another one of those things that EQOA did right.

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  1. Amnesia says:

    One thing we did on the Hodstock server was the tank would taunt…and the cleric or shaman would heal and if done right you could make a monster dance between the 2 characters. I actually did this a few times on some of the tougher dragon bosses. Yes it was cheap…but it worked.

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