Everyone remembers these moments.

(Footage from EQOA Forever)

Just walking through the plains…












When all of a sudden…









Dammit! Well, only down 1 bar… time to run…









Oh yeah, it’s still casting…











The range on that thing…


There goes half my health. Keep running… watch out for…


…and I’m dead.

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2 Responses to Everyone remembers these moments.

  1. misticalmonk says:

    Dude! Yes! I hated wisps with a passion

  2. Cut Creator says:

    Dude that was such a big change in the game. Actually ruined a lot of camps when they made caster mobs chain nuking maniacs. It used to be that caster mobs would aggro, run up to you, hit, cast, hit, cast, etc. Once they made that change, it became impossible to pull some camps.

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