Trees of Tunaria (Compiled)


Using Alutra’s footage, I have compiled screenshots of 10 treess throughout Tunaria. Let’s go through each of them 1 by 1.

  1. Standard Pine – This is the standard tree found through Tunaria’s mid-section. From Highbourne to Murnf, Qeynos to Freeport, this tree is the most common graphic used in anywhere that had green grass.
  2. Palm – The desert palm was the most common in sandy areas in South Eastern Tunaria. There were several shapes and sizes, but the leaves always looked the same. Additionally, the palm was a common site in swamp areas such as Kerplunk Outpost and Cazic Thule.
  3. Rivervale Oak – This tree was generally found in the grassy meadows near Halfling villages. Some of these were also near Qeynos.
  4. Cotton Candy Oak – These trees, best described as really tall cotton candy tress, were found south along the main rivers, especially near BW and north of Freeport.
  5. Snowy Pine – This tree was standard anywhere there was snow, which was actually just the Northwestern part of the map.
  6. Plains Oak – This tree was found in the Southern-middle of the map as well as parts of the newer areas outside of Arcadin.
  7. Round Oak – Similar to the cotton candy, these were found near Forkwatch and more in the center of the map. They typically had more branches and were heartier trees than the Cotton Candy look.
  8. Dead Tree – No leaves, no life… these guys were found in evil areas or around places with volcanoes. Various forms of them were also found in swamp territories.
  9. Elf Oak – These are the most common trees found near Fayspires and Teth. Anywhere in the north where there was grasslands, these were a common tree.
  10. Elf Pine – Along with the elf oak, the Elf Pine was mixed in with the forests of Teth and Fay. Compared to the standard pine, they were much taller and skinnier.

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1 Response to Trees of Tunaria (Compiled)

  1. misticalmonk says:

    You never fail to entertain me with your posts! This is awesome! i’ve always loved the elven trees! the fact you remember where all these tress are located is awesome!

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