Consider this, you could actually “win” EQOA

There are numerous complaints about the lack of content and end-game updates in EQOA. People actually attribute the terminated expansion, Underfoot, as a reason for the game’s drop in population. Looking back on it, I think the fact that EQOA was finite made it more appealing. Seriously, how many MMO’s are endless grinds with the only true ending being when you decide to quit?

What does it mean to “win” this game? In my opinion, a couple of standards has to be met. I’m going to flat out say that to win, you must “complete” your character. So what’s that entail? Here are 10 criteria a player must meet in order to consider EQOA beaten:

First, the character must be level 60. Duh.

Second, we can all agree on the 1,500 CM mark had to be reached. I personally only knew 1 player to reach it and I would say at least 30% of that XP was gained while AFK. But nonetheless, if we’re going to consider a character completed, then the highest amount of CM’s must be reached. This is the first area that EQOA truly separates itself from the MMO competition.

Third, the character must have all 3 ZP (thanks Wreck) spells. These spells are typically the strongest in the game for their class, especially for casters. These are not easy to come by and take tons of patience, help, and a bit of luck. Additionally, the player must have all spells, including those from quests and drops.

Fourth, the character must have completed their level 60 epic quests. All 3 of them! This takes help from between 5-10 other players.

Fifth, the player must have the elite gear, including some sort of robe, whether Khal, SM, or whatever. Here’s another area that EQOA separates itself. It had a lack of endgame content, specifically raid monsters and gear. But look at it this way, if there’s a lack of gear, that means there truly is a “best gear available,” right? So technically, one could obtain that best gear.

Sixth, the player must have completed all quests, including side quests, 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, and whatever H&G quests needed to be done to achieve gear or status maxes. This comes down to a great many quests, some of which take considerable patience.

Seventh, the player must have raided every final boss on every island, plane, and corner of Norrath. This is done either by knowing the right people, being in the right guild, or just being lucky. This also includes the original 3 dragons.

Eighth, the player must be a master-crafter in jewelery, tailoring, armor, and weapons.

Nineth, the player must have good-enough factions with races.

Tenth, the player must have all coaches that their race can obtain.

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1 Response to Consider this, you could actually “win” EQOA

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    I think you mean ZP spells. Also, PoD spells and Storyteller spells/forms and itwas the rare character that had a PoS port and wasn’t a druid or wizard.

    I’m not sure I would say you have to kill all raid mobs, there are some that killing them doesn’t advance your character at all.

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