Blue skies and green fields

The graphics in EQOA were downright awful compared to what you can get in today’s world. With this said, after playing several MMO’s since EQOA, I can honestly say that no game was able to design an environmental experience on the level of PS2’s Tunaria. I have no idea if it was truly that great, personal bias, or the PS2 format, allowing the player to look at their surroundings so easily. But take a look at this photo:

This is straight from Google. As simple as this scene is, there was something relaxing/great about the tree, rock, grass, cloud, and sky design that seems not to be tied up in the overly-complex environments of today’s MMO’s. Modern day MMO’s love big cities, detailed terrains, and fighting systems that require 100% of the player’s attention. Lost in that is the simplicity of open fields, forest, and swamps. Lost in that is the ability for the player to take in their environment during a fight. While half of the game was the community, the other half was Tunaria’s topographical design. Props to SOE for nailing the design of its terrain on the head.

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2 Responses to Blue skies and green fields

  1. Rincea says:

    Honestly, I liked the “bare” look of PS2 Tunaria! Sure, EQ2 looks amazing, but it does not have the same “feel” that EQOA had. I am not sure if I enjoyed EQOA because of its “dumbed down” playability, or if it was something else, but no other MMORPG has captivated me like EQOA did.

  2. Elementalkin says:

    It was a great example of “less is more”.

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