I’m currently installing the TESO Beta and hopefully will be on in a few hours. Anyone get in for this weekend?


Edit: Uninstalled after 15 minutes. My PC isn’t capable of running it smoothly.

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4 Responses to TESO Beta

  1. Ramelron says:

    My wife got in, she’s letting me play on it when it’s done installing. Hopefully it’ll run decently on my comp.

    • Stonee says:

      It’s definitely different. I never played the series and wasn’t familiar with the controls, so I’m not going to dock it for the 15 minutes I did play. I will say that the grouping system isn’t very intuitive but this could just be a beta thing. Overall, I don’t think I’ll get the game given that there are some really good F2P games out there right now.

  2. animaa says:

    Yeah I really don’t see TESO being the next big thing but I will give it a shot regardless, although I am hooked on ARMA 3 atm and likely will be for the next couple months I don’t just don’t see TESO pulling my interest away.

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