Early Review of Vanguard

I have only played maybe 10-11 hours of Vanguard so I can’t get into too much content depth. Overall, the game has its perks and I have enjoyed exploring a new world.


  • Character customization is highly in depth. This reminds me the most of EQOA with the attribute points. Additionally, each class can be built in typically 3 different ways.
  • Graphics are pretty good. The art and depth of detail are probably what caused his game to get so far behind schedule and to be released without attention to certain mechanic issues.
  • There’s an item mailing system. EQOA never had this but if you have played WoW, this is pretty standard.
  • A lot more quests at early levels. Additionally, most of these quests are soloable. I’m playing my friend, so we’ve had fun taking on the more challenging group quests.
  • Complex combat system that allows for combo trades and keeps you focused rather than just mashing a single spell.


  • The targeting system is one of the most flawed systems I have ever encountered in any MMO I have played. It’s extremely difficult to click an enemy. I find myself tabbing through enemies.
  • Low population creates a lack of a strong economy. This means that building a good bankroll comes through farming rather than trading. I loved EQOA’s AH feature and while Vanguard also has an AH, their items are similar to WoW’s setup. What I mean by this is simply that there are a lot of the same items with just different stats. I’d compare this to EQOA’s crafted items.
  • Buggy maps, quests, invites, everything. If you have read ANYTHING about Vanguard before playing, you would know that they released much too early because Sigil games was going bankrupt. The bugs are still very much around.
  • Spells have a ton of text but don’t really explain themselves. I have read some of these lengthy tool tips 3 or 4 times and I still am looking for explanations online regarding what the spell actually does.
  • Extremely cluttered UI.

So let me compare this game to what I thought of EQOA.

Category            EQOA                                    Vanguard

Art:                            C                                                  A

Mechanics:               A                                                  D+

Quests:                      B-                                                B+

Exploration:             B                                                  B+

Customization:        A                                                   A

UI:                            B                                                   C

Fun:                          A+                                       Not Sure Yet

End Game:               B                                               NSY

Conclusion: My biggest complaint with Vanguard is this: I have played for over 10 hours now and while the quests and mobs are challenging, what I’m struggling the most with is something that I should have completely down-pat by now… the mechanics. I’m having the hardest time figuring out hot keys, features that are in most games are missing, and it’s frustrating to lose battles because of bugs. However, I’m not putting it down just yet. Maybe these things work themselves out.

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7 Responses to Early Review of Vanguard

  1. Rincea says:

    I beta tested Vanguard…seems like forever ago now. I did not subscribe to the game upon launch because there were so many issues that had not been addressed. The beta forums had many posts on this issue and it seemed to go ignored.

    I tried playing Vanguard again once EQOA was shut down. I just could not get into it.

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    The interface is definitely in need of some clean up, especially with the ” become a gold member” crap clogging it up. I have done a decent amount of rearranging on mine to streamline it a bit. uhh you go to the settings there is a feature to “unlock” all of the stuff on the screen and you can put it where you want it.
    my best suggestion for targeting if you have trouble, which I do too, is to click on the icons that pop up underneath the offensive target thing.
    it is definitely a good game if you want to explore. The land masses are huge. Flying mounts are an absolute necessity, or even a boat of some type. I’ve thought about buying a flying mount from the store just so I don’t have to find the rental ones.

    • Stonee says:

      Yeah… by no means are we bored in the game. I rearranged my UI about 100 times to make it a mix of EQOA-WoW-and League of Legends setup that I’m used to. Unfortunately there’s no default reset for your UI. So once you start arranging, it’s pretty much permanent.

  3. I went back earlier this year thinking Vanguard would be my new main MMO, but it never stuck. While I love the world, the art, and the characters enough to overlook the remaining bugs, the thing that just ruined it for me was the leveling curve. My character is mid-20’s and I played for two nights straight without leveling. That was fine back in the EQOA days, but it just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

    • Stonee says:

      Why do you think it curves?

      • Man if its that hard to level early on (I didn’t start a new character, just played my old ones) then I think the transition to F2P was a waste of time for them. Very few people are going to gut that snail’s pace out.

      • Stonee says:

        I saw that if you become a member and buy all the XP potions and bags (like 30 bucks more), you can get 50% XP (membership) + 100% + 50% + 25% (potions) + 10% (member bag) = 235% XP boost.

        Only problem is it’d be like heroin. You could never go back to normal. Also, I wouldn’t consider spending that much.

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