Mounds of hay or dirt

I was reminiscing last night about the bandits camp near Darvar Manor. At the camp in the valley, to the right of the road heading to HP, there were several named bandits. Specifically, Franco, the one that dropped the CV. For some reason I could’t stop thinking about the mound of dirt that was beside him. The group could stand on that mound and the tank would pull the mobs to them. Objects such as hay and dirt took on the same physical characteristics as rocks. 

Take a look at this screenshot:

Under that the is a pile of hay that I presume to be this ogre’s disproportionate bed. You could literally run up on top of that pile of hay in the exact same way that you could run on a rock. Or stone path…

SOE did an excellent job of taking a limited graphics engine and making it relatively believable (and enjoyable) from a playing standpoint. Recreating the game, if we are ever able to accomplish the feat, is rooted in discovering and recreating these textures and colors.

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3 Responses to Mounds of hay or dirt

  1. Coalblackened says:

    PS4 will make EQNext an even better game than Eqoa.

  2. Irris says:

    SOE has really been disappointing me lately with decisions they make though. All I can do is hope they will release it for the PS4 so we can all at least give it a chance. A chance for EQOA’s legacy to live on, no matter how small it may be. If it isn’t release for the PS4, I will have lost hope for ever getting back a piece of EQOA

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