Some images I stumbled across

Not sure where this is from because it’s pre-Fronts.

Hill giants most likely near BW or FW.

Tae Ew’s down below Kerplunk.

Siloth camps where you do the LW quest.

Good old DFC.

Spider cavern near Blakedown.

Near ZK or CLW.

Tae Ew wearing a CV!

North of Highbourne near the Prison.

Warrior outside of CLW Inn or in Halas.


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4 Responses to Some images I stumbled across

  1. Thrazor says:

    That last one is outside of the warrior’s guild in Halas.

  2. S says:

    Pre-Fronts graphics = bitter-sweet nostalgia. 🙂

    I’ve seen these pics. many times in the past online; they always brought back those fun memories of being a newb in EQOA, back in 2003.

    Deep inside the stone temple, camping (with a group) Tae Ew for Ruby armor on my Ranger – one of my favorite camp-farm memories, as I always say.

    Camping DFC many, many times, to level up of course. I remember always being a bit intimidated (as a newb) when the level 35 deathfist popped up in some of the smaller camps on the side, and you heard him scream 4 times while he laid the smackdown on the tank, or the DD if they drew aggro. lol!

    I remember having fun keeping a level 27-28 tank alive on my 28 (or 29-30?) Gnome Cleric “Wumple” – think I had to use stack-heals on him quite a few times; it was risky but easily helped keep me on my toes and was not boring at all. I remember us all laughing at the situation, especially if the tank accidentally pulled more than one mob. 🙂

    The second to last picture made me think of the undead camp, down the road from DM, too.

    ~ ~~ Memories ~~ ~


  3. Victor says:

    Was a shame I never got to Gator on Saelronx, it was fun beating WH DK’s in duels with the best gear in the game. When I was still in Trait BP, no GEM Obliterator, not even the all/all tank robe or any raid equipment without gator.

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