Sometimes I forget pre-Fronts EQOA

I came across the following video and realized how much of the design I had forgotten from pre-Frontiers EQOA. Specifically the armor and character design. I remember being shocked during Frontiers beta by the animated spell casting/screen shaking as well as the music in cities. Both of which did not exist in pre-Fronts. Characters and armor took on a bulkier look and plate armor wears got significantly less muscular. Truthfully, it was a world that was only around for just 9 months, while Frontiers lived on for almost 9 additional years.

1 more thing I just noticed… there were 6 active ability slots. In Front there were 2 pages of 5 each.

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9 Responses to Sometimes I forget pre-Fronts EQOA

  1. Northalius says:

    Oh, my favorite memories of EQOA were pre-Frontiers.

    My newb-moments were all pre-Frontiers, so they’re the most fun and thus stick in my memory very easily.

    Vox raiding = awesome fun! 🙂

    We’d hang out in Highpass for a while, trading, chatting, selling, etc. So I had plenty of time to check out all the different armor, robes, gear, etc. on other players. I wish those days could come back.

  2. Irris says:

    I can remember the things that shocked me the most from pre-Fronts. to Frontiers was the fog and the foliage. I remember running my Coaches and looking down trying to dodge the foliage haha.

  3. Versifier says:

    Still only 5 ability slots pre front, but there was no lag when you went to your spell book. so if you memorized left down/up counts you could switch your top slot pretty fast.

    I really missed tanking back then, 4 taunts and 1 ability on the bar, fast swap that ability whenever it was on cooldown. was either no alt weapon slot, or just one (idr) too.

    I remember grinding at hexes and manually swapping out my serrated bone dirk with another dmg proc weapon whenever the dot procced to to try to maximize my bards dmg .

  4. Drew Dude says:

    Definitely PreFronts was my favorite time. I remember my first time venturing off from Klick-Anon having no idea what crazy beasts I might encounter. The crazyness over farming the Gnolls for the CV’s til they got nerfed out. Damn I miss this amazing game.

    • Drew Dude says:

      lol oh yeah and pre dex-nerf I use to do some sick damage with my gnome even in the early 30s. So many memories are coming back all day been thinking about this game.

    • Northalius says:

      I made a couple of gnomes (Cleric and Mage) only in the latter part of my playtime on EQOA, so I knew what to expect outside; I always wished many more started there; sometimes one person would be starting a gnome but somewhat rarely. I always loved grouping and socializing in the same. I’m not much of a solo’er at all by choice.

      I always mainly stuck to Western Humans throughout the time I played, minus some exceptions:

      1) Because so many people were always in and around the starting city (Qeynos) and I love socializing / grouping!

      2) The Qeynos prison was only the next zone over, and I *really enjoyed* that place to xp in a group; and many other groups would also be there, so all you saw was brawling all around you while you xp’d on them! Great energy. 🙂

      3) Even Western Humans could coach to Zentar’s Keep (he was a racist… lol!), so that made it easy for when the group was going to xp on hexbones (loved xping on them) and/or when we’d go to Lady Vox’s castle.

      Not concerning the the CV farming, as when I tried, no one was really there anyway, but the gnoll cave – going down inside with a group was *always* fun – fighting our way in (not out-leveling the mobs, so it was a challenge = fun!), seeing separate groups fighting for their lives on the way down and *waving* ‘hi’, lol! Then the group questing down there.

      Dang, I always wished they made many more caves/dungeons just like that, with different mobs at all levels. It was easily one of my favorite spots to go into and just start blasting everything. A lot of action down there; *never* a dull moment! 😀

  5. Northalius says:

    Sorry I’ve not come back to this web page; I’ve been doing so many other things, I always forget how great it is to come back here and think of old school EQOA. Good job on the website! 🙂

    I remember trying to farm for a CV but it was later on in my newbishness that I found out about them and where they dropped; so like 2-3 months after I first started playing. I never got one. I remember trying for the robe that dropped near Moradhim, off of the monk guy? I couldn’t get that one, either, but I had fun trying; along with another person who was competing with me (on my monk) for the kill, every time. 🙂

    I remember fighting in the gnoll camp down the road from DM and I was using my main, a level 28 paladin, who had all store-bought armor (and weapon) on. lol! It was so bad, but funny when I look back at it. I was grouping with a 32 Necromancer, and another 30 dd class, can’t remember which, and one other; we had no healer, if memory is correct.

    But, they were either newbs like me, who did not know about quest armor, or they were being nice in knowing that I must be a clueless newb, so just kept going for the heck of it. 😛

    I always loved running for my coach signing, too. Even though I’m very much a social person who loves grouping with anyone, I did not mind running alone to get the coaches with all of my characters. I loved looking at the map I copied from some website; checking the different zones and remembering the older paths I’d taken from the last coach run; the big scares when mobs (all red to me, as I was always level 1-3) would get too close to me and I’d have to run the other way, then figure a strategy on how to make it around them while staying alive.

    Pre-Frontiers was always my favorite time in the game; the main thing which I did like about Frontiers was the combat music! That I do wish they had from the beginning but, apparently their team was so busy just getting the basics down; can’t blame ’em, huh? 🙂

    Even though the group finder was convenient, it still did take away from the social aspect of the game more so, as it didn’t force you to go into major cities and have to ‘shout’ for a group or shout for one to join the group you already had. I did like that; and it helped us not rush to cap level, too! When something tastes good, you don’t just want to chew it up and swallow it down in 2 seconds! You want to savor the taste for as long as possible! That’s similar to what I think about MMORPG’s and leveling fast!

    I loved how long it took to level up; it got me to go in-depth into learning my class and nearly ‘perfect’ the mechanics of all the abilities he had. I enjoyed that, too; like exploring a new land. 🙂

    • Drew Dude says:

      Yeah there was definitely a learning curve for a lot of players and then some people would get all elitist. So funny. I remember in the 20s and 30s and trying to farm up stuff for my regular group mates cause they were wearing store bought crap. So much fun farming up all the different gear in the different zone. The skyfeather gear from the aviaks was some great low level gear and rare as a lot of people didn’t bother to farm them cause the set up was slow for grinding with the perchs with a good distance between them. Shoot wish I could run a toon to 50/60 again.

      • Northalius says:

        I do remember going to xp on Aviaks a few times but, it was somewhat rare that I’d find a group that went out that way. I never farmed for any gear from them. I think the one thing I was annoyed with was their yelps whenever we hit them. lol!

        My favorite farming spot (with a group) was Tae Ew; I think in Cazic Thule zone (?), down inside one of the temples, for Rubi armor on my Ranger. I was still a newb on him at level 50 but luckily someone else brought us there once, then I got addicted and started forming groups to go as often as I could. 🙂

        All I ever won the roll on was the boots, gloves and helm, but it looked really cool in contrast with my other armor.

        The elitist people were probably ones who played some MMORPGs similar to EQOA before, so they had an idea of what to look for, thus had an advantage over the clueless newbs to MMORPG’s, like me. So when newbs weren’t geared like them and didn’t play as well as they did, it agitated them. Oh well. 😛

        Another funny moment at low level, in the beginning of the game coming out, I remember when this person named something like “Dizzy” (a Troll, which was fitting, on CLW server) ran around and trained the bandits on everyone at the camp near DM. That was funny to watch when he ran at us, though it ticked a few people off and they yelled at him in Shout chat.

        I didn’t mind too much. It spiced things up a bit; made it more challenging and was totally unexpected to those who’ve never experienced such a thing.

        If I could start all over in the beginning, when the game came out, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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