How I used to play EQOA

After reading through some of the comments on the 2 threads posted below, I started thinking about how I played in 2003-4. I was 15, turning 16 when the game was released. My bedroom was on the bottom floor of a 2 story, 1930’s home. Beside that bedroom was a white guest bedroom with 2 twin beds. There was a white desk with a 1992 RCA TV that had seen NES, SNES, PS1, and PS2 games all played. For the record, that TV still works to this day. Funny since I’ve had much more modern TV’s blow out in just a few years…

I used to sit on the end of the bed, hunched over playing EQOA. My original PS2 had the bulky network adapter box attached to a huge Samsung hub. My dad is a networking guru and he rigged up some ancient unused hardware in my room. The router and modem for my house’s internet was upstairs and on the other side of the house. So the access point was fed into the hub and I could use the internet for multiple devices.

This was technically my second set up. My original was actually upstairs in a small, uncomfortable corner beside the family computer. Remember the days when families had a single computer? I had a small 13″ VCR TV combo that my sister had used at college. Running a direct ethernet connection from the router to my PS2, I would lay on the ground and play EQOA and SOCOM. This lasted about a month before my dad hooked me up with the wireless capability. He was tired of me staying up at night playing the game around them. Looking back, I’m pretty sure he regrets helping feed my addiction.

So I was playing in the guest room, which has one of my favorite features of any room: windows. Lots of windows. It was a corner room and it was almost always lit up during the day. Why that’s important is during nice days, I like to play video games more than cloudy days. Nothing feels quite like home.

Well the guest room became my bedroom, as I was spending a lot of time in there. I got a bigger bed that I ended up sitting on the end of that one as well. I actually got a chair, too. By early 2005, I had bought a second TV, second PS2, and I was dual boxing. This is where the hub was a great feature. It’s worth noting that I paid for all of this by selling EQOA tunar and gear.

What I find the most unique about this game was that I spent so much time playing, leaning forward off the end of a bed or the edge of a chair. Compare that to playing on a PC and I’m leaning back at a desk or table. Maybe there’s something to the attentive position that EQOA required. If you wanted to say something, you generally had to reach for the keyboard. Combine this with the controller and the posture and the game offered an extremely interactive element, very similar to first person shooters.

I still go back to that house and sit in that same chair. The TV and PS2 and EQOA are all gone but the sunlight still shines in. It’s one of the few items of my childhood that I choose to revisit once or twice a year. If EQOA was ever returned, I would find a window and set up on the end of a bed, leaning forward with the keyboard on the ground in front of me. I can’t think of a better way to play the game.

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5 Responses to How I used to play EQOA

  1. Brian says:

    if this game ever comes back i want to play it again so bad

  2. Nicholas says:

    Will the game ever come back?

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