Who doesn’t miss this guy?

Combine all of the time I spent at DFC, and I bet you easily get a full week. Outside of the annoying run directly west of MTG, this place was the happening spot in Tunaria. No other place could you level, train, get reported, get banned, get loot, and use /shout knowing that others would /shout back. When I returned in 2011 and went back to DFC, the population had dropped from around 50 grinding level 30 toons to a population of none. However, if I made a list of the top 10 places I loved in EQOA, this would be on there.

I can still hear this guys growls as he swings or gets hit. Just have to be careful he’s not one of the level 35+ champions. Then you find yourself getting quaded to pieces. Add in a prophet or a cleric and your group could find itself in hot water.


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3 Responses to Who doesn’t miss this guy?

  1. Irris says:

    DFC would be in my top five. Along with Bandits and Gnolls in DM

  2. Sidius says:

    Irris I remember the Blackburrow gnolls, and their camps around DM, those packmaster’s armors were pretty popular in the early days with some people. I remember one of the first people I played with, a human monk with the wrinkled old man face named Spiike, after buffy lol. he had a lot of Spike’s lines macrod & we trashed the hell out of the gnolls outside the gate to one of the forts, easily one of my favorite spots, along with DFC. I also spent a TON of time on many characters around the bandits near the bridge by DM, I also had a bit of fun training the wildlife around DM coach into the area and coaching out in the earlier days lol. I have to say, Highpass started feeling lonely after everyone started hanging in freeport, freeport started feeling lonely after everyone started hanging on CLW server… but i still do think Darvor Manor & many of the things near it like blackburrow and the failed experiments or whatever they were and the spiders near them and those bandits all definitely fit in with some of my favorite things as I spent a lot of time there on my first 2 characters that i leveled up a bit. DFC definitely in my top 5, it was a bustling place and it was hell just getting a couple of spawns there all the time back in the day, I must have made that run to the place hundreds of times in the end of it all so many that when I went back briefly in early 2010 i knew exactly which way to run and could still get around that mountain in there with my eyes closed practically. I also liked the hill giants & aviaks near blackwater. the whole hunt zone I think it was, the one with the raging rhinos and sirens in the water somewhere around there, another one, did lots of grinding there and at those kobolds near there. the first time someone took me into lavastorm and I those fire hydras… another awesome place. i gotta say, DFC, Blackburrow, Vox Palace botht he main palace and and the hidden back areas where Vox was are in my top ten. Tomb of Kings is also another of my favorites, that place was pretty amazing the first time i came across it questing, even the valley going into it with those tier’dal looters was pretty near & seeing the undead as I got to it made it way cooloer 7 the maze-like design yet how small it really is once ya figure it out was some really awesome design. Cazic Thule was also pretty awesome, I loved the temples and the way it all looked there. man I’m rambling lol, those are all many of my favorite places in the game, most from classic actually I guess because i saw them while I was still learning & exploring & spent so much time in some of the places getting lost that it had a huge impact on me.

  3. Irris says:

    A lot of the places you named are near and dear to my heart lol. EQOA in general, I still hold near and dear to my heart. I just can’t seem to sit down and play a game quite the same since this game went dark. I remember taking ‘breaks’ like everyone else did for a few months maybe even a full year, coming back and knowing exactly where and what every button did. I actually think I forgot where some locations in-game were but either my muscle memory or subconscience guided me where I needed to go every time lol. I LOVED grinding in places people didn’t really like to go. Saftemoots, Caimens outside BW, Hexbones outside ZK (if I remember correctly)

    With PS4 coming later this year, I HOPE SOE will make EQ:Next for the console. If not, I fear my gaming days are over. It seems like when I had EQOA to play, it actually made other games more enjoyable somehow.

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