Still keeps me up at night:

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2 Responses to Still keeps me up at night:

  1. Sidius says:

    reminds me of xping off of al’kahrad ghasts, or however it was spelled, at a little tower by one of the river branches near blakedown on my first character. around level 18 or 19 some guy thought it was a great spot to grind lol, which reminds me of other early grinds like gertrude & dumak olivarn in bastable, man that guy was some easy xps before the xp cap and when they buffed him lol. we could take him easily around level 20ish. oh the memories, here’s to hoping eqnext will be at least half the game, it’ll never have the impact of my first online game, but hopefully it will be the game that can hold me for another few years of my time.

    • Stonee says:

      Know exactly where you’re talking about. There’s the Blakedown 30 savage bear quest there. I briefly remember the no-xp cap but that wasn’t around too long.

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