The Cleric

I loved clerics. They were the strongest tick healer, they could wear plate armor, and they were damn near impossible to level past 30. You were almost 100% reliant on a group or a dual box and toward the end of the game, I can’t recall a single cleric that didn’t level without a PL group.

Of course there was one major advantage if you got to level 60 with a cleric. There was that thing called the Breastplate of the Anointment.

Quote from CS:

BP of the Annointed: Equip: torso HP: 13400 DUR: 70 Race: HUM ELF DELF GNO DWF HLF ERU Class: PAL CL Level: 60 LORE STA: 30 HPMax: 75 AC: 414 AR: 10 Description: This breastplate was made by the god Mithaniel Marr for his brave followers. Effect: heal proc: heals for 15+10%Cha on each melee hit Appearance: blue.
Note on farming for BPoA: BPoA can be found in the following loot tables:
Aeyinar; Brutes on snow 2; Deso 1 erych scouts / erych warriors Deso 2-warriors only ; celestial drakes on Aeyinar’s island.

Naturally, clerics have a high charisma stat since it’s one of their power pools. A cleric with just the BPOA on would easily have a health tick of 60 per hit. Additionally, they could stack their own 900-ish tick on top. Your character went from impossible to level, to the center-piece of all leveling. A group of 60’s with one cleric and a BPOA could level non-stop for hours. No tank was needed in these kinds of groups… just 3 DD’s and the cleric.

There was only one way to XP faster, and that required just 1 other DD and 2 looters.

I had a mass of clerics. I could easily get them to level 23-ish… then grind up to level 30. But I almost always fell flat in the low 30’s. Without SOW or stat buffs, groups seemed to value you less. As the game moved away from mid-level group griding, the opportunities to level were few and far between. It was almost worth just logging off at leveling spots and hoping that when you logged on, someone could invite you. Few people needed a cleric for powerleveling due to the lack of firepower. (Unless during this brief era.)

The last thing that made clerics virtually irrelevant was that they could be out healed by a few other classes. Specifically, necros. The realization in AR gear allowed a group of necros to out heal the primary healing class in the game. Kind of a bummer.

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1 Response to The Cleric

  1. Olexus says:

    Not quite the whole story about Clerics but for a short while it was that way, especially the leveling part is true. A resist Cleric was my main character and the first character I leveled. If it wouldn’t have ben for the community I wouldn’t have lasted.
    Later I remember that my Necromancer was requested by my guild for a raid rather than my cleric for a while. But they fixed it after a while and Clerics were the pinnacle of healing again.
    Not to forget the whole story about resist Clerics. At first not so useful, only unique part of their buff was the LR part. but after an update, king of resist buffs..

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