Numbness to your surroundings

I was driving yesterday on a stretch of road that I have been down easily 100 times. I started to think about how the first time I drove down the road, I noticed houses, street signs, and other details that now seem to be all but forgotten. All I think about are the turns I have to make and my eventual destination.

Losing these details is of no real cost to anyone. It’s just how we are as humans. I don’t recognize the purple house on the corner of Markus St. and Main? So what?

But then I started to think about how this was in EQOA. Specifically the run from the FP bank to the FP coach. The first couple of times I ran through, I noticed the arches, the details on the wall, the connected rooms. I was confused and also entertained by how much was around me. However as I began to run that path more often, those details faded away. I was only interested in where I was going.

The consequence here is that the numbing of those surrounding details, in a way, does cost a video game company money. A designer and programmer spent time building these spaces that we block out because they’re relatively unimportant to our goal. 

Looking back, I kind of wish I had paid more attention to details in every path I took. Whether it was down that long hallway, or it was the run from FP to HP, or HP to BSI, or anywhere that I chose to neglect the surroundings because ultimately, I just wanted to finish that 17 quest or get that coach. I got so enamored with getting stuff done that I stopped taking in sites that I’ll probably never experience again.

Was there anything you specifically remembered noticing that probably every other player wasn’t interested in?

For me, it was 3 things. First, the face on the top of the Orc cave between Moradhim and Fayspires. Second, the Moradhim Axe above the city’s entrance and the giant crossbow once you were inside. And third would be the connecting bridge near Diren’s Hold. It could barely be seen as you ran by.


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3 Responses to Numbness to your surroundings

  1. CoalBlackened says:

    To me it was just how open the world was you could go anywhere without a loading screen. and as of today u still can’t do that in a mmo……….

  2. i think one thing i miss is when i thought that he only map was the one on the back on the game cover. I remember using that to try to get places and just en up in some completely random place and just looking around and saying omg this place is beautiful

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