And here I go again.

For the second time since graduating college, I am resigning from a stable job, salary, and benefits. I equate this to my tendencies to create a toon, get it to level 10, then start a new one a day later. I remember when I started my alc (Stonee), it was the only character I had on CLW. I made a conscious effort not to back out of the toon’s development. It paid off and I had a 1200+ CM alchemist… who inevitably suffered the same fate as all of our toons.

The difference between Tunaria and you career? Deleting a toon in Tunaria takes a couple of seconds. Changing a career can take years.

The truth is, is that I can’t stand the corporate world. The mindset, the reports, the disparity between executive and minions. I completely understand it, but at the same time, spending your life with the same company, working your way through the rat race to the top isn’t what it used to be. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get there. There’s no pension. The raises are typically rare and the bigger the corporation, the more you feel taken advantage of. After all, if the job market is as bad as advertised, big name employers can lower the standards of investing in their work force. You want to quit? So what! There are thousands of people that’ll take your job. And they’ll do it for less! 

So I’m done with them. I’m choosing a much more difficult route with 10x the headaches but a degree of freedom that I’ve dreamt about since high school. I’m partnering in a green energy start up, running the business development side. And though I’m still wet behind the ears, I’m loaded on business idioms that’ll help me think outside the box and fly by the seat of my pants. Because that’s all they really teach in the corporate world. That and how to turn a profit. Even if it means muddying the waters of what most of us call “ethics.” Which are for losers anyway.

Speaking of losers…

The Godfather of Greed: Bernard Madoff

Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco

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5 Responses to And here I go again.

  1. Amnesia says:

    Good for you stoney!!! Nothing worse then being in career you hate. If everyone did their dream job or a job they atleast liked then i can image people would be in much better moods and the world would be a little bit better.
    GL to you.

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    And here i thought you were gonna say you were starting a video game company lol

  3. Amnesia says:

    Wait…so you doubled posted..meaning you keep a spare 200 million just sitting around? So umm…can i umm borrow some?

  4. nereus7 says:

    Best of luck on the new venture!

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