Random Memory

Running south of FP, along the coast… about 4 minutes into the run (past the madmen and low level deathfist camp) you’d come across a piece of land that would jet out into the ocean. It was covered with sand crabs and there was a tower. I remember this place specifically as being the location where you could head directly south and you would eventually hit MTG.


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7 Responses to Random Memory

  1. misticalmonk says:

    Undead camp maybe? I dont remember a tower

  2. misticalmonk says:

    Stonee, check out my wordpress page, btw 🙂

  3. Elementalkin says:

    The undead camp was near there, with that big black spire looking thing where necro-something or another spawned (caster ghouls). Necrovores? I dunno. The tower and crabs you’re talking about were not far away, and I believe there was also one of those enormous, giant ribcages sticking out of the sand nearby, right? It’s weird how that stuff sticks with you.

  4. Thrazor says:

    Wasn’t this location before you reached the Deathfist legionnaires camp (assuming that’s the one you’re talking about)?

  5. Amnesia says:

    Found memories of this game. Alot i would change if i could go back…but a shit ton more i would not change.

  6. Amnesia says:

    So i was thinking of this today…and i realized…i really really miss EQOA.
    I have so many fond memories of this game.
    I think what drew me the most were the friends. You could not just solo to max lvl. You HAD to find a group…which meant making friends and chatting it up with people. Alot of the MMOs i have played since EQOA can just be soloed. There is almost no need for a party and so many people act cold. EQOA was the opposite. Everyone was very friendly.
    I always wonder how my old friends are doing and if they are safe in life and successful. I hope they are..and i choose to believe they are.
    Thank you for making this blog Stoney..it brought back alot of awesome memories.
    I know there are 2 good mmos coming out soon. FF14 reborn and Elder Scrolls online. If any of you guys are playing either of those…post here and let me know. I would love to hook up with some of you in game…and relive old times.
    Also..if we get lucky enough for this to have a private server..you can damn well know i will be there.
    God bless.

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