About 4 months ago I started playing a game that was as close to a real life MMO as it gets. I didn’t go into it thinking it was an MMO, but as time has gone on, I’ve found it oddly similar.

What game takes incredible skill? What game contains unique equipment that changes based on the situation? What game has an end goal? What game do you improve upon by investing time into it? What game allows you to receive measurable statistics? 

Try this on for size: golf.

As I begin to build my bag, I find myself comparing every item out there… from irons, to fairway woods, to bags, to even clothing. I feel like I’m looking for uber gear on the auctions. Except it’s a nice 3 wood on Amazon.

The game is all together fun, frustrating, and challenging. Approach it like an MMO and you might find it just as interesting.

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2 Responses to RL MMO

  1. Thrazor says:

    What MC options are available?

    • Thrazor says:

      In all seriousness, I think this can be applied to any game. No matter what sport you’re always looking for that uber gear that fits you/can you give you an advantage over the mob/competition. In football you need a number of things: helmet, pads, gloves, cleats. That’s your gear, On top of that, you need to exercise often (building your stats).

      The only challenge is that in RL you can lose your stats, so I guess it’s similar to EQ PC where I hear you can lose experience. Or maybe we can look at it as a debuff, or aggressive DoT if you don’t work to maintain and improve your skill over time.


      …DAMN YOU SOE!!! *raises fists to the heavens*

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