Wreck’s Post: Finale

One case of this I came across was the fabled prop shield. An all/all shield with something like 530 AC (the most of any shield that could be equipped by a caster or melee class) and 25 AGI. Most people thought it was no longer in the loot table, others simply had no idea where they dropped. I, however, had met a new friend when I returned to the game for the last time. He knew where they dropped and he wanted to see if they still did. We farmed for hours, and he farmed even more without me. Finally one night after I logged out for the night, one dropped for him. He sold it for 35 million tunar. Not even on auction. Over the next two days we farmed 2 more. Selling them both for around 50 million a piece on auction and splitting the profits. We had intended to farm more and keep them for ourselves, but we never did. As far as I know, those three prop shields were the last ever looted in EQOA.

That is one of the things I love about EQOA still. Even as the game became easier in some regards, other things became new again. As some things became only too familiar, others passed into legend. Lore was forgotten, and, if you so desired, it was out there to rediscover.  I was never much of a raider and I didn’t care much about having the best gear or maxed stats. It was the rare, cool, unknown, hidden secrets that I desired. Sadly, I’m sure the sun set on EQOA with many undiscovered secrets still well hidden.

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4 Responses to Wreck’s Post: Finale

  1. na53 says:

    if only we had the ability to continue farming

    • Thrazor says:

      Indeed. 😦

      Great post, Wreck! Definitely stirred a lot of memories in me. I remember obtaining a pixie stabber in the Spidermines while farming for dark ore. It’s funny how many things you could find by accident.

  2. CoalBlackebed says:

    So true Wreck.

  3. Versifier says:

    Theatre Bizzare for the prop shield?

    And yeah. I remember farming all sorts of crazy places for things. The one thing that always eluded me however was a vortex blade. Despite my impressive Kraken kill count. I was however, able to afk my bard in FP in his coldsteel set on PPO.

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