Wreck’s Post: Part 4

The hunt was something EQOA had in spades. The ability to explore and find new things remained a constant for me throughout my entire EQOA career. While hunting for Forestal gear I managed to find pixie stabber for my necromancer on CLW. I had one back on PPO but didn’t realize that they were still in the loot table. As the game aged leveling became easy and as XP camps were forgotten some gear began to fall into legend.  People would swear up and down that certain gear no longer dropped in game, others would counter that a friend of a friend found one just last week.

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1 Response to Wreck’s Post: Part 4

  1. Thrazor says:

    Yeah, about a year ago an Ouch (2 handed block weapon) dropped for my group. Luckily I was tanking so I was able to keep it lol.

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