Wreck’s Post: Part 3

After that I saw an Elf Minstrel in Freeport in a full set of bluish green plate gear and set out to find out what it was. It turned out to be Cold Steel armor which was made non bard equippable after the release of Frontiers. I was out of luck there but I heard a rumor of a dark green set of plate armor that bards could use called Forestal armor. So I set out to find it. It was supposedly high 20s level gear and dropped in forested areas. I scoured the internet for information on where to find it. I found claims of it dropping from either dark wood goblins or mossmouth goblins. Both camps seemed level appropriate so I set out to do some farming. Hours upon hours were spent decimating a seemingly never ending horde of tiny green creatures. To no avail. I never did find a single piece of Forestal gear.

But I loved the hunt.

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6 Responses to Wreck’s Post: Part 3

  1. david says:

    This is great iwas rolling down reading posts and realize how much i miss this game. I moved to WoW and wizard101 but man the memories……..
    I remember the week b4 last day of the game i finally decided to attempt the dupe tricks to see if they worked and one of them worked perfectly and i ended up with full stacks of almost every H&G item i could find, But wouldnt you know it they banned my account week b4 the last day of the game . OMG it was so funny but i was so mad . Thank god i had 5 accounts so i was still able to see the sunset even if it wasnt on my main. Man i miss everyone and everything from EQOA, Those memories will live on inside my mind forever. BEST GAME EVER.

  2. Thrazor says:

    Never heard of Forestal gear, but it sounded cool. The best part about this game was leveling up and finding awesome gear for your toons. I spent a long time between levels 10 and 30 so I felt I was able to get the most out of the game then.

  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    Just got my hands on a pdf of the eqoa, decided to see if forestal gear was in there. Sure enough, it was there. Level 28 rare/ultra rare plate armor, forest drops. So it did exist at one point.

  4. The Almighty Feqs says:

    That gear dropped off spiders in a cave not too far from Forks Watch,Spiders Mine I belive was the zone name.

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      Yeah i had heard that too. I farmed there a little, but the respawn rate sucked and not enough mobs. Goblins had lots of mobs and fast respawn. The gear could drop in any forested area with appropriate level creatures.

      • misticalmonk says:

        I recieved a very rare set of bracers off of darkwood goblins called “snakeskin bracers” which were level 28 green plate armor. Wether they were equiptable for bards or not is beyond me. it has been too long. maybe this is what you were refering to? I traded those bracers for an “ouch”

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