Wreck’s Post, Part 2

In the last year of EQOA one of my primary activities was collecting plate gear for my bard. I slaughtered lizardmen for hours on end in pursuit of a set of Rubicite armor. After about two weeks of constant farming I came up with a single pair of Rubicite boots. I then turned to auctions and to shouting in FP, from which I was able to collect nearly 2 full sets. After finding a pair of silver plate greaves on a ST mob in Blackburrow I went on a quest to complete a full set. I managed to acquire rusted plate helm, boots and breastplate from the glob out in Salisearaneen, as well as picking up some moonwater bracers on auction. I never did find gloves but I used a pair of silver chain gloves to complete the look. If you saw me in Freeport I was probably  wearing the set pretending to be a guard. The stats weren’t good and I couldn’t tank a grass snake in it but it looked awesome with my Khal Robe of Shadows.


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2 Responses to Wreck’s Post, Part 2

  1. Thrazor says:

    I found a pair of rusted chain gloves and a helm on my Shaman a long time ago after killing some green goo near CLW and didn’t think any of it at the time. I just remember hanging onto them for some reason, maybe sentimental value or something lol. I thought everything was rare back then. I probably ended up selling them to a merchant.

  2. The Almighty Feqs says:

    The Rubicite Armor had the highest drops off the mobs in the temple where Avatar of Fear was located.Nice addition to the Forester Green Plate set.

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