Guest Post by Wreck, Part 1

If you’ve been following the blog since it started, you know that every now and then I have a guest write a post. Over the next week, I’ll be posting pieces of a piece Wreck wrote about EQOA.

Here’s a short Part 1:

More than questing. More than grinding. More than exploring. More even than standing by the rock in Freeport, my favorite activity in EQOA was collecting (and hording) rare or cool gear. Not even useful gear. Even the rumor of rare or cool gear was enough for me to head out farming or camp rare spawns for hours.  Back in my early days of adventuring I camped Tak Frostbiter in Snowfist looking for the elusive crystalline orb. I scoured auctions to acquire a sheen blue tunic and a webbed tunic for my barbarian warrior. We all knew where to get a Sapphyra sword and I had looted a Sapphyra Necklace in the Tomb of Kings, but I spent untold hours fishing based on a rumor that Sapphyra’s pants were an ultra rare fishing loot item.


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2 Responses to Guest Post by Wreck, Part 1

  1. The Almighty Feqs says:

    I think the best rare farming I did was outside of Zentar’s Keep for the plate set the skeletons dropped (name eludes me atm) as well as the NPC’s in ZK itself very nice lv40-44ish misc items.There was several loot tables off non major city npc’s that people did not even try for for fear of losing the reputation/coach.

  2. Josh says:

    That was revenantguard armor, black tank/cleric only…had a set for my SK that I farmed all the pieces of myself…think it was a full set too, unlike some sets that omitted a piece (i.e. bracers). Hexbones…my god I had snow blindness from all my hours spent there!

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