Getting in trouble with a GM… hilarious.

This was a post from 10/11/2011 that I’m not sure why I never posted. This was right after I started the blog.

The best moments in the game were when the GM would randomly show up. GM’s, because they had access to all the cool graphics in the game, were known for appearing in either Freeport or the high population camps that had a ton of training. Their purpose was first, to show that they did indeed exist and second, to show that they had all the power in the world to mess with your account.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I liked to train werehunters through Freeport. Similarly, early in the game, you could pull the NPC casters in both Freeport and Black Swan Inn (DM for those who came later). These casters would attack you with an AOE that would also hit petter’s pets. The pet would go into auto attack and needless to say, a level 25 character stands no chance against a level 55 caster.

I was one of the jerks to make this happen. Max debt was well worth it. This was until a GM spawned in front of me as a big black wolf. I don’t remember his name but a friend and I were playing in the same room on two different screens. We both froze in disbelief.

He rooted my character.

GM whispers: “You really shouldn’t be doing that.” [I log out and log back in on a random character.]

GM: “You really shouldn’t try to run either.” [I log back out and go back to the first character.] At this point my friend and I can’t stop laughing/screaming like nancies.

GM: “Your account has been flagged.” Then he turned me into a frog and forced my character into a dance animation that wouldn’t stop until I died.

I never trained again for fear of getting banned. But it was a pretty hilarious moment. I had to have been the only werefrog on the server…

I did train again. Especially the last night of the game’s existence.

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  1. Magrat says:

    This is awesome.

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