EQOA: Revival

If you haven’t been keeping up with the recent development, two former players have taken steps toward reviving the game. The first is a guy name Jarrod Nicholas that is a programmer. He’s claiming* to have been in contact with SOE. The full chain of comments and updates can be found here. His most recent post looks like this:

Just got off the phone 30 minutes ago with SOE. They like the idea and are running everything by legal for a private licensing agreement. 

Concerns: They may not have any original EQOA data – *Character information *Original Servers *Or even the game code itself. They have to look into all that. It could of all got deleted and thrown away. *Also we will not get our original toons back because that goes against SOE’s privacy agreement with each user.

The reason for shut down was the game wasn’t bringing in as much as it was costing to run. The servers software were so outdated they were having complications just keeping them up and running. They wanted to keep the game alive and have brainstormed how to possibly transfer to new servers. The original code however was designed for the outdated servers. They like the game and wanna keep it alive for us. It’s gonna cost us $$$

The other individual trying to bring EQOA back is Veanik, a poster on the new EQOA forums. Vaenik has gone out and purchased several pieces of equipment that allow him to essentially become an SOE developer. I find this approach interesting if the hardware works with EQOA… or at all.

If I take a step back, it looks like one guy has the hardware and the other guy has the programming background to fill in gaps that SOE either destroyed or won’t turn over. It could be a match made in Tunaria.

I’m not sure what I think of either approach, and to be quite frank, I think both will run into the same problem of funding. Is it possible for this to work? Absolutely. Will it work? Most likely not, but I’m rooting for both of them.

Lastly, there’s a ton that goes into an MMORPG like EQOA. Like, thousands of programming and story writing hours. Depending on what SOE has destroyed will determine the success of either individual. That’s why I’m saying funding will play a huge role. One programmer doesn’t stand a chance in resurrecting something this complex. Ten programmers probably don’t stand a chance. If the story lines and quests are deleted, it could take them several years to reinvent the lore.

But who knows? Maybe Mr. Nicholas is for real and in a month, we find ourselves with a private license to a game that is 90% ready to go for revival. For now, I’ll be cautiously optimistic in the wait for the 3rd EQOA expansion: EQOA: Revival.

*I’m using the word claiming because for all we know, we are getting taken for a ride. 

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5 Responses to EQOA: Revival

  1. Dlain says:

    this needs more attention

  2. bravearcher says:

    i agree…..they need to come together…start a fun raising page even. movies do it ect…id be willing to donate to get another version of this game out. i could care less about getting my old character back….id enjoy starting over and redescovering what i loved about eqoa in the first place!

  3. Josh says:

    ya.. why not a kickstarter. Either to bring it to ps3 with the help of new programmers, or perhaps have some online purchasable discs to have sent out. I still see EQOA ps2 copies in second hand stores, flea markets, retail video game stores even. Everyday I see it, and it’s a shame I can’t but it, especially with the resurgence of retro gaming, ps2 is very popular still. Heck I still get into socom games now and then.

    Any btw, who spends millions on developing a console mmo, and then irresponsibly delete the gamecode or forget about it and whoops.. some of it got Deleted. It’s considered a masterpiece by many.. I don’t buy that. I Think this is totally possible. It’s just going to take SOE laying out the plans, and let some contracted civilians take over the rest with final authorizations from SOE.

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