The man birds known as the aviaks roamed random parts of Tunaria and were typically hotspots for possible rare drops. Random armor that wouldn’t seem to be associated with the birds had higher drop rates at aviak villages than other mob villages. The area I visited most to farm was the village near Moradhim. I could easily spend a few hours rounding up the angry birds and knocking them down with a single AOE. The only annoying part was their damn attack noises. Inevitably the PS2’s sound would crap out and I’d be forced to mute the game.

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4 Responses to Aviaks

  1. Thrazor says:

    Ah I miss Goldfeather Eyrie. I remember slaying a bunch of Aviaks as a noob and worrying because my faction was too low with them.

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      Yeah, Aviaks was one of those useless factions that for some reason i didn’t want to chance losing. It was never used for anything but once you lost it, it was gone for good.

  2. CoalBlackened says:

    they also droped the uber rare “Talon Mail” all black mail lvl 28 i had full set on my ranger farmed like 2 months for full set

  3. Magrat says:

    Faction was so much fun. My daughter killed so many gnolls in the fort outside SFG that her faction was friendly in Blackburrow. She could walk through there unscathed at level 10 (she didn’t really play to level, just to kill gnolls and sell their stuff.) We called her The Gnoll Princess,

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