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5 Responses to Freeport

  1. CoalBlackened says:

    Stoney love the post, i liked fayspire’s the best but loved Halas music that is my phone’s ringtone.

  2. CoalBlackened says:

    I’m sure EQNext is being built from the ground up for PS4 in a way im glad they are waiting to release it on PS4 and not PS3. 8 gig’s of ram will go along way in a mmo ps2 had 32 meg of ram and look at what they did with that.

  3. na53 says:

    Freeport was the shizz, but qeynos was my favorite city by far. I don’t even know why. It felt like home to me. What was the name of the place south of qeynos where human Druids and rangers started out?

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