The Donation Pot for EQOA’s Resurrection

There’s a group of programmers attempting to resurrect the game. Vote on how much you would be willing to donate to the cause!

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23 Responses to The Donation Pot for EQOA’s Resurrection

  1. CoalBlackened says:

    how will this be done?

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    Donating money is a sure way to make SOE send a cease and desist lol

  3. Alutra says:

    the amount of money I donate may be impacted by a little more literature about the efforts…

    • Stonee says:

      This is a “what if” donation pot. No one is saying “I’m collecting now.” There would obviously be a lot of checks-and-balances that would need to go into place to make sure money isn’t just being sent to someone’s bank account.

  4. Nick says:

    I hope this goes through. It’s making me so anxious.

  5. Alutra says:

    I have a feeling that SOE wouldn’t give a hoot if someone actually managed to set up an EQOA private server. Their joke would be, “Lol, I hope the 6 of you playing would have a good time”. There are plenty of Private EQ1 servers, and I don’t think SOE is doing anything to shut them down.

    A few months ago, John Smedley was asked in his AMA reddit:
    “How does SOE feel about SWGEmu?” (Star Wars Galaxies private server)
    And Smedley replied:
    “Well officially I have to say it’s bad. But that’s officially.”

    Part of what the person on Facebook is trying to do is rally support and resources to create a private server, but first he is trying to communicate with SOE about purchasing EQOA officially.

    I’m not sure how soon this would be, but I think there would be a day when SOE would release EQOA under the right circumstances, and if approached professionally.

    EQOA is still alive in our hearts, and that means at some point, somewhere, somebody is going to build a server, officially, or unofficially.

    Kind of reminds me of when record companies avoided selling Music via MP3 format in the 90’s. Avoiding it worked against them. They were forced to conform to the will of the internet.

    I’m not promoting piracy, I am saying that MMO’s will eventually have to conform to a new business model, one where a community isn’t forced to be homeless, due to a moderate lack of profits.

    And I believe EQOA is an important part of MMO history for this very reason.

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      Yeah they have to say that they officially disapprove, but as long as whoever made it wasn’t making a profit from it they are unlikely to shut it down.

      From what i can tell, the guy trying to get something going on SaveEQOA FB page is under the impression that there’s more on the disc than is actually there. Unless I’m mistaken the disc is only maps, models, graphics and music, possibly the UI, but the quests, npcs, all spawning info, item databases were fed from the server. He seems to think that is all on disc and the server just acted as a hub to connect people. He may be in for a rude awakening when he tries to set this up.

      • Alex says:

        It’s all going to come down to what soe will release. I think we all know the answer to that… But I’m curious to see how far he can get.

      • Glowyrm says:

        It’s the same with EQemu though. People banded together to acquire all of that knowledge. It wasn’t always perfect since it wasn’t straight from SOE, but it turned out pretty damn good.

        So the same thing would have to happen here. One person can’t do this, it’s impossible. It will take a giant community to contribute all of the knowledge on quests and spawns and drops and rates, etc etc.

  6. Alutra says:

    To all who care about EQOA; this is huge… a recent post on facebook by Jarrod:

    ” Just got off the phone 30 minutes ago with SOE. They like the idea and are running everything by legal for a private licensing agreement.

    Concerns: They may not have any original EQOA data – *Character information *Original Servers *Or even the game code itself. They have to look into all that. It could of all got deleted and thrown away. *Also we will not get our original toons back because that goes against SOE’s privacy agreement with each user.

    The reason for shut down was the game wasn’t bringing in as much as it was costing to run. The servers software were so outdated they were having complications just keeping them up and running. They wanted to keep the game alive and have brainstormed how to possibly transfer to new servers. The original code however was designed for the outdated servers. They like the game and wanna keep it alive for us. It’s gonna cost us $$$”

    Veanik, or anyone who has a beta disk, please contact Jarrod.!/SaveEqoa?fref=ts

    • neosimkin says:

      I hope this comes to fruition. Being a programmer myself, I’ve been thinking lately of trying to set up a private server. I just have never done so before, and was hesitant to bother researching how I would do it. I don’t have my beta disk anymore, but I’ll help in any way I can.

    • neosimkin says:

      On my own so far I’ve been able to get a lot of files off of my EQOA disk, but I can’t find a way to open the .ESF and .IRX files so I can only go so far.

      I’m hoping that within the files I will be able to find some information on what the disk requires from a server in order to connect and run the game. I got excited once I found some files I could actually open, but they are only a shell, no actual functions yet.

      Anyone know of a way to open ESF and IRX files?

  7. Mcwolf says:

    I think i still have some of the old beta disk( classic as well as fronts)

    I would easliy donate 100, and possiblty more if I felt we had a community with a strong desire pushing for this.

    • Drew Dude says:

      I’m like you I’d gladly donate to a kickstarter or something to get it revived in some way. Part of it is getting the word out, its only curious itch that seeks eqoa out every few years and didn’t find out it was shut down til today when I got the itch. I’m only 15 months late lol

  8. I would play this game again. Sure the graphics may not be as nice as today’s games but the interfaces was easy enough to navigate. The game play was rewarding and it didn’t take a whole friggen guild to see end game content.

  9. teejay says:

    I really hope this happens, I have yet to find a game with the feel of eqoa. Mmo games have shifted to more quest based leveling, but I really do miss getting a group together and grinding for hours. Let’s get this done.

  10. Anthony says:

    I wish there was a game like eqoa, ive played every mmo to date and nothing and I mean NOTHING is like eqoa. Nothing is the same without that game I feel bleh about most games and idk what it is, I just really hope this all goes through and whatever I can do to help please let me know.

  11. Seth Goddard says:

    Game had a feel that no others have. Only MMO that I truly felt I was exploring

  12. Mmaynee says:

    If this ever gets off the ground I have some old downloaded eqoamaps for a couple of the core grind zones 20-40 tea gardens, Bobble by water, forkwatch for cyclops ❤

  13. Kevin murphy says:

    I would be happy to hand over 100 $ or more to get this going..the old days of eq and eqoa are sumthing that we will never see the like of agen and I miss them !!

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