This shield…

Was the first and only shield (or the graphic, rather) I remember from EQOA before the expansion. I remember that it dropped in the Fayspires area off of the orcs to the south. The shield had CHA and STA of maybe +5 to each.

In Frontiers, there were a ton of shield graphic updates. Yet a shield, much like a robe, were hard to come by before crafting and the expansion. In fact, everything was hard to come by. I remember 50 warriors running around in leather…

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7 Responses to This shield…

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    The sites that dropped by Fay was called Explorer’s Shield, and it dropped off of an orc scout. Level 11 shield. I used to grab one for my warriors while running coaches.

  2. Elementalkin says:

    When I joined, I was very briefly apart of classic EQOA, either not long before or not long after Frontiers was released. One of the first drops I can remember was a robe at the crocodile island to the south east of Freeport. Hm, what was it…the ‘seafoam soiled robe’, I believe? I can’t remember its stats, but I ninja’d it like a little bitch, and someone in the group (our cleric, I believe) actually called me a ‘disgrace to the elven people’. That’s kind of funny now that I think about it.

    On a side note, the weird thing about that robe was how it looked after the Frontiers make-over. If anyone remembers what the cover of Frontiers looked like, the seafoam soiled robe initially looked like what the center-most elven woman is wearing. Yet, when Frontiers came out, it no longer looked that way. Instead it looked like what the caster were-hunter npcs wore (ie; Rea Nekchev), you know, that beige short-sleeved shin-length thing they had going on.

  3. Plat says:

    I liked alot of pre fronts graphics more then some in frontiers. I liked the round shape to the helmets over the pointed edges. One of the funniest robe changes would have to be some of the womens robes they had that looked nice but when you went to the other game they were those 2 piece robes.

  4. CoalBlackened says:

    Yes i do remember this shield man i miss eqoa.

  5. Nick says:

    I remember always wanting to kill the guards in the Erudite city (Highbourne, was it?) for their cool looking tower shields. lol. I miss this game. I have so many memories of playing–despite the fact my highest level toon was 31.

  6. ProximoFromFH says:

    EQOA is coming back on privately owned servers. Join in to help. Facebook link listed above with information and people to contact. Join in so we can have this server up and running faster.

  7. Elementalkin says:

    Speaking of old items, for some reason I just recalled a rather peculiar helm that was a part of a low level quest. I think you had to swim out to an island off the coast of …Muniel’s Tea Garden? and loot the chest in the center. I think there were skeletons around too. Inside the chest was a a level 60 helm (No Trade Lore) that you’d lose when you turned the quest in. The description said something like “If you could wear this, the energies contained within would cause your head to explode.” Anyone else remember what I’m talking about? I’m pretty sure it was the 30 path quest, for Eastern Human Shadowknights.

    Okay, just scrounged about for some info, apparently it’s the level 20 quest for human shadowknights. The helm is called the “Etched Helmet of Greatness”, and there was also another similar item in the quest called the “Chiseled Great Axe of Doom”.

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