If EQOA came out in 2003, and it’s almost 2013…

That means it’s almost been 10 years since SOE released the game. So what’s changed in the world? Bin Laden is dead, you can’t get a loan or a mortgage, and gas costs close to
$4.00. And oh yeah, one more thing… EQOA was shutdown. 

What hasn’t changed? Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are still great QB’s, American Idol is still on the air, and I’m still wishing I was running through Rivervale and not preparing for work (though in 2003 it would have been school) on Monday.

10 years ago, World of Warcraft didn’t exist. FFXI didn’t exist. The original Xbox was the only thing that marginally competed with the PS2 and to say it was competitive is a stretch. Everyone had a PS2 and the introduction of the network adapter plus non-dialup internet meant that games such as the Madden series, SOCOM: US Navy Seals, and EQOA could be booted up within minutes without the risk of adware slowing down your PC. In 2003, internet to a game console was unheard of. Playing an MMO on a PS2 with people from all around the country or world? No way!

But SOE chose to go down down that path. Looking back with a 10 year perspective, the idea of EQOA and FFXI seem to be, more or less, a spit ball idea that wasn’t fully thought out. It was, “Hey let’s build it and  see what happens.” Instead of, “We’re going to build this and this will be the direction of our company. We will advance the idea and be doing (whatever) in 10 years.” Unfortunately for me and several others, that spit ball idea that became a reality crossed paths with my life in a time where I found the idea to be incredibly entertaining. But companies aren’t in business to take responsibility and ownership of their products. They’re in business to make money, sometimes regardless of what the consumers want. And that meant that the idea, much like any pro athlete, must retire.

Now I just wish that EQOA’s career could have been as long as Peyton Manning’s and not as long as Justin Guarini’s.

He’s the dude on the left. I think?

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2 Responses to If EQOA came out in 2003, and it’s almost 2013…

  1. ProximoFromFH says:


    EQOA is coming back on privately owned servers. Join in to help. Facebook link listed above with information and people to contact. Join in so we can have this server up and running faster.

  2. Bobdawg says:

    Final Fantasy XI came out in May 16, 2002. Yes it was in Japan but people imported. So, it existed XD

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