What the robe poll tells me about this site

Less than half of the visitors that have voted said they never had a robe. In the game, probably 70% of players didn’t have an ALL/ALL robe. So what’s that mean? People who were invested into the game and stuck around for years more than likely had a robe at some point. Those people are the ones that kept tabs on the game’s life and still go out on the web to do a quick Google search.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a correlation between who owned robes and how many months they paid the subscription fee.

Please answer honestly!! Scroll down if you didn’t own a robe.

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4 Responses to What the robe poll tells me about this site

  1. Elementalkin says:

    I think you have to consider the average skill level and gaming know-how of players as potential factors. For instance, I was subscribed for at least three years, but I don’t think I ever acquired anything rare or special, let alone one of those robes. The primary reason was that I was just an awful player for the majority of my time, something I really regret even to this day. Looking back on many of my decisions, I’m baffled by my own ignorance.

    I’ve written/am writing a full explanation, but I don’t know if I want to flood your comment section with such a huge post, mainly because it’s mostly personal-history shit that only lends context to what I’m talking about (I’m talking this post x12, at least).

    • Stonee says:

      Email it to me and I’ll post it.

    • Plat says:

      In all sometimes I wish I would have payed more attention to the details or helped more people while I played. I do remember spending alot of time camping mobs for weeks and devoting alot of gameplay hours and diet cokes to complete tasks. I loved all of the high end moments in the game such as huge raids and taking out the best of the best with my guild. But my most memorable moments would have to be playing with some of my friends that i met along the way and grew up with. I had alot of good friends I still havent talked to in along time that I met on the game. I remember ruining my faction in derin hold with my friend monkyman just xping off of the guards and the old pre fronts gm’s came and were like ” what are you guys doing..?” I do miss the game and hope someday we can have those experiances we used to have.

  2. Sidius-MF says:

    plat, those experiences will most likely never be with the same people unfortunately, which would be a double-edged sword in a way, good to relive, but it will remind you of people you’ll never speak with again in most cases. on the robe thing, when spiritmaker robes were up my server was camped pretty bad but I had a tip from someone about the drop so I went on FH where the temple up top was empty to my surprise , lol. so I xpd my rogue up there and brought a friend on that server’s alt and managed to get her a robe lol. she had it stolen eventually by a perosn who was supposed to be a good friend of hers, but I wore it for a sec before that happened thankfully. wore a couple of other peoples’ eventually on my main server for a moment or 2, but wasn’t too interested in the robes except pre-frontiers when they were all the rage (the celestial vestment, and tattered spectral robe I think the black one was called?) I wouldn’t have minded a Sm on MF for my SK though, we had amassive standoff with the biggest guild at the time on our server over the elder spirits, holding corpses, griping in chat, the GM actually came after a couple hours or so and eventually let the guild stay and made us go lol. it was a mexican standoff for quite along while, though, and pretty fun honestly ha ha. man people worked really hard for all/all robes and in many games today there’s robes or robe-like things on other classes it’s kinda funny when I look back on it in eqoa. I did have one of those khal ones on my CLW SK bout a year before the game was shutdown when i went back briefly with a friend I ran into playing EQ2.

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