Did you ever own a CV, SM, or SR?

I obtained my CV through real life means… meaning real money. I had it for maybe 3 months before selling it off again. I saw maybe 1 person with a CV when I returned to CLW in 2011 and I’m curious as to how many people owned a rare robe…

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4 Responses to Did you ever own a CV, SM, or SR?

  1. Plat says:

    I remember looting a Cv way back and looking at it and saying the stats sucked so we gave it to our caster. Back then i forget the name but there was a pal only yellow robe that had the Cv design but i think it may have been quest related. One of my best memories was actually looting one of the first SM robes on CLW. I and a few other friends were farming 51s and then it droped . We were like..”do you guys know what this is…” the next few days were really crazy because the kappas were over run.lol I hated when they changed those two robes to NTL but i guess it made sense to because it did show what we worked for,

  2. Matt. says:

    Hmmm i remember I got my 1st CV ( i owned 2 cv’s all together) from buying it on Playerauctions, back when the prices were reasonable. But the story of how i got my SMR was a bit better, it was the same day people on Hodstock.com hinted it dropped at phantoms, so i went there to farm, me and a few other friends. Well like 10 hours of slaughtering through the night and nothing, they went to bed. I decided to go to the 3rd floor and kill some of the spirits up top and I seen the spiritmaker gear drop from the Elder Spirit. “Aha…” i thought. after a few more hours and now into mid-morning. it dropped for me. Idk i think mine was like the 3rd or 4th on hodstock, but i could be wrong. later that day a few guildies from DC came with me to get theres a ranger and a warrior buddy. The next few weeks that room turned into a camp fest with train after train, KSing and griefing, guild-kicks guild-disbands guild-reforms and well a general drama fest.

    THATS WHAT WAS SOOO GOOD ABOUT IT. griefing/training/drama when taken out of an MMO makes the MMO more vanilla like EQ2 and missing alot of soul. A horribly disfigured malformed soul.. but a soul to understand none the less. I’d rather be trained by Reznor over and over rather then not have the option to do it myself i gues I should say. giving players that fear and power is something that EQ2 took out… and its a bad thing imo. Luckily some more recent MMO’s starting putting those things back in. Lets hope for more large sandbox titles to follow suit.

  3. ProximoFromFH says:

    There are a lot of things they seem to nerf over time. Thinking it’s better off for the game to do away with certain abilities and exploits. My first leveled character was a Magician. I remember getting from level 28-34 over night while I was sleeping. I was fortunate enough to get a pet pl group invite. I remember once they finally fixed the pet pl glitch, it wasn’t the same having a high level petter. Power level tricks I feel are good for the community of a mmorpg. The developers I don’t think realize at the time but having certain exploits encourage growth and opportunity. What a change though, going from taking away power leveling exploits to installing xp boon to help level. Making leveling harder transitions into making as easy as possible due to population die off. I hope the distant fading EQOA voices that still remain, echoing through the winds of today, will influence the developers of EQ Next.

  4. Omniac says:

    Just wanted to say I left a RIP card on the board at SOE LIVE, I was the last remaining Comunnity Council member for EQOA. The community council cheared me this year at our dinner, it felt nice but I still wish I had my game back! Anyhow, I moved on to EQ2, waiting the launch of EQNext. Ill post a picture on my site (www.allthingsgeek.info) and podcast about SOE live later this week…RIP EQOA, you are missed!

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