Happy Anniversary! 4 days late…

2 years ago, 4 days ago… I wrote this post that launched this blog from an idea into reality. Since then, I’ve written more than 250 posts and had a little over 56,000 visits. The past year saw more traffic than the previous and most of that came in March and April when SOE announced its intentions to shut down EQOA.

While the year started with such promise as people returned to the game, it turned sour with the mentioned announcement. Today the blog lives on with only memories as a resource for content.

As with last year, when I posted a picture of myself, I’ll post something else personal. Here’s my cat:

He’s a jerk.

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1 Response to Happy Anniversary! 4 days late…

  1. Plat says:

    lol i was looking through your pictures and posts today and the one that i like dthe most was the What is yopur memory one i think with the picture of all of the toons the picture and how it said guess the class by race and armor ( i took an oger pill before we took the pic lol)

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