Where I have gone.

Followers, the few that remain, I still check this blog daily for comments and the likes… but in reality, EQOA has faded much the same as it did to SOE. New ideas, new events, and new opportunities emerge and consume me. Last week I almost moved to Boston. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

I will probably never stop writing on here for no other reason than to not let the entire point of this blog die. While EQOA might dim to faint memories, I refuse to fully move on. It was too good of a game, too fun of a time, and I spent too much of my time consumed with its peaks and valleys. Letting it completely go is like forgetting a best friend.

Currently, I am still living in North Carolina. I might actually be considering marriage, grad school, buying a house, and more things that are never to be taken lightly. I’m sure in a year, I will look back at this post and realize how ridiculous all of this is, but for now, I want to make it clear that I’m not giving up on the blog. It will continue, regardless if SOE never restores the game.

This is partially thanks to wine and the Tuesday nights I get to be alone, but more likely because in the back of my head, and I’m sure your own, I wish I was Accepting the SOE terms of agreement and hearing that damn intro music with the fiery wormhole that I would always hit X to bypass… Hope all is well with all of you.


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9 Responses to Where I have gone.

  1. Matt. says:

    I wont forget the game Stoney I was just tonight wishing I could log in and check out the Kithicor wood and the Green rift for some of the lore there as I try to tell the stories of EQoA lore to my EQ2 friends. I miss it a ton. here’s to hoping.

  2. sarodare says:

    I still read the blog. I wish i was hearing the intro music right now :/ how is eq2?

  3. Thrazor says:

    Right here with you, brother. Been thinking a lot about this game, going as far as listening to some of the BGMs on Youtube. Tried both EQ and EQII and neither appealed to me.
    I remember before there was a zone map available for the game I would travel everywhere by using the map on the back of the game manual.

  4. Irris(CLW) says:

    I still think about this game everyday, I was a child when I started and am now an adult as it ended. It’s still very surreal. I tried all the MMOs including the first EQ, which was the closest to EQOA but it wasnt. I keep racking my brain on why SoE wouldn’t just port it to PS3, especially since back in 2007 they said that it was ‘Port-Ready’ in an interview.

  5. Falkrinn says:

    I loved Eqoa for the game it was. I recently moved to eqII as well. I am on freeport server. My name is Falkboom ( lvl 92 wiz) and Faalk (lvl 92 warden). To be honest EqII is a superior game in many ways and im glad I chose to play EqII. The format of raiding is way better and there is ten times the content. High end raids are always available you dont have to wait on spawns like you did in eqoa. This is better because you can actually plan raids with your guild and not just kinda try to put a raid together when a mob is up. Xping isnt just standing around in one spot grinding the same thing over and over. You actually run dungeons or do qsts. Eqoa was my first mmo and will alway hold that nostalgia, but now I can truely say I have move on. I will never forget all the fun times on clw and I still check in on this site to relive the memories thanks for that Stoney!!

  6. Sildien says:

    I still read the blog as well, North Carolina? You don’t say fellow NC player here nice to know.

  7. Vlladimir says:

    I still miss the game as well. I agree with many others..i have tried eq and eq2 and neither do it for me. i have been playing vanguard..its about the closest thing to eqoa out there.

  8. Jacra says:

    Hey there, I work on some EQ2 lore and trying to check some timeline that seems to have build from one person but seems to end up at wrong times because it starts all with the assumption of Antonius Bayle 4 and is age in EQ1 … So I was wondering, was there an ingame time available in EQOA and do you guys maybe have any reference what year it was when the game started?

  9. CoalBlackened says:

    I’ve tried both EQ,EQ2 i just could never get into them guess i just like the seamless game world EQOA had. Also playing with a game pad is just way better for my style of game play, EQNext will be on the PS4 and i can’t wait.

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