Tonight, yes this night, I wish I was running through Blakedown.

There are few times when I truly want to be on a virtual world. Yet tonight, after a few glasses of red wine with friends, I really miss running through places like Blakedown, Snow Plains, or even Diren’s Hold. I call these places more or less, forgotten areas. They didn’t have coaches and they were fillers for the experience. Everyone remembers Forkwatch, Halas, or Moradhim. They remember Castle Light Wolf, Oasis, or Highbourne. However thoughts of the lands around these key points are rarely thought of. It’s those lands that I’d like to raise a glass to tonight. Toast the Druid Hills. Toast the The Druk. Toast the Death Fist Citadel. Those zones made the game complete.

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5 Responses to Tonight, yes this night, I wish I was running through Blakedown.

  1. Thrazor says:

    Well said. The best places for adventures were the ones off the beaten path. I remember taking a group of 25- low 30s to the salt mines and taking on the drachnid mobs. We managed to kill one but shortly after we’d have nearly the entire camp on us because of the high agro.
    Another fun way to xp was tackling all of the mobs in Blackburrow cave beginning with the scarabs at the bottom and working our way up to the top.

    God, these past couple weeks have been tough to get through without thinking of EQOA.

  2. animaa says:

    yep, how i wish there was a game to replace EQOA and FFXI, the only two mmos I really enjoyed playing and oddly enough running around lost as fuck in both games were just good times.

  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    I have been researching pretty hard on cracking the disc so I can access the important files to try to build my own eqoa-like game out of it. But it very few people have tried to hack ps2 game to mine for graphics and models. Plus I’m teaching myself C++ so I can code it. Not that I have much spare time to do it in lol

    It will probably never happen but here’s hoping.

  4. Dlain says:

    good post those forgotten zones were awesome

  5. Limno says:

    Great memory. Just Great !

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