Barbarians, Humans, and Elves?

The results of the favorite starting city polls continue to come in and it looks like there are 3 run away leaders. Notice how the evil race cities have fared… no surprise, right? Unless it was in your nature to side with a dark elf, you didn’t hold an evil starting city as the most joyous places to begin a character. They were typically dark, green, gooey, and full of nasty things that would make leveling quite difficult.

I think this is an aspect that EQOA did a poor job in developing. I made maybe 1 evil character past level 20 and that was an ogre about a year before the game was killed off. What this means if that I ported directly to FP before I was even level 10. Evil races got the shaft big time for starting cities.

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4 Responses to Barbarians, Humans, and Elves?

  1. animaa says:

    yeah evil races starting areas sucked mainly cause they had so many passages tucked away in corners, so if you didn’t happen to know your way around you would get lost as a new player, some people liked that though, I personally liked neriak, i could draw that place out in full detail any day lol, but that being said my fondest memories are of teth and fayspire for starting areas. Maybe because if I could draw a elvaan city and its surroundings that what I pictured it to be.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m amazed at how many people loved Halas.

  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    Poor gnomes and trolls get no love haha

    But I figured Halas would be up there, if only because people seem to universally love the Halas music. I personally voted for Halas because it was my first experience in EQOA and some of my best memories in the game were there.

  4. I figured this was part of the slant to help even the population between “good” and “evil” since the “evil” races tend to be cooler to play. The biggest hole in that theory though is that the ultra cool “evil” is dark elves – and they had perhaps the most accessible starting city, being just that short coastal run from FP.

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