New Poll: Favorite Starting City

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6 Responses to New Poll: Favorite Starting City

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    Why am I not surprised that Grobb and Oggok have no votes.

  2. Alex says:

    Someone voted on oggok!!! Gross!

  3. Rincea says:

    Halas was by far my favorite starting city! I remember going their for the first time on my Human Wiz. It was instantly my favorite place!

  4. Thrazor says:

    I loved Halas. There were so many awesome spots to go to. If you climbed the slopes to the left of the tunnel you could stand on that large gate looking south toward Diren Hold. It was an awesome view.

    I remember playing my first night and seeing dozens of people at the south end of the Halas tunnel either chatting or looking for groups. God I miss those times.

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