How much I didn’t explore

The following picture is from the lands beyond the gate by cyclops. I made 1 ogre and it was miserable. I definitely regret not exploring the lands of Oggok more. It was probably a combination of no interest in that part of the world, the lack of content there, and my own lack of desire to explore.

I’m not sure if SOE was upset with the lack of general interest in Oggok or if players were more upset with the lack of interesting content in the region.

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6 Responses to How much I didn’t explore

  1. Sidius says:

    I remember everyone making ogres or alcis in the frontiers beta for a bit lol, oggok was a very lonely place to make a toon after the initial release of fronts was over int he live servers though. too much running around all over the place, but lake rathe had a nice underwater cavern where i liked to farm imperial gear back in the day though. also some quest to spawn rainbow bright the dragon or something around there too at some point. on a higher toon i loved exploring the antextet or whatever they were called and farming them, there was also another series of caves with low mobs i killed for fun on lower toons somewhere int he region. i liked the look of the place, it was just too much running around alone when people got done making ogres to make a new one again there. one of the most lonely starting areas after a while i think. especially with the loooong run to oasis to start a coach run lol, i remember doing that with invis on a level 8 ogre arriving in one piece through all of those deadly swamp zones and feeling like I pwned it lol

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    I don’t think there was a lack of content throughout the whole area. I mean there was some high level raidish content out there. There wasn’t a lot to do if you were soloing. But I explored out there quite a bit, farming ankextet and imperial armor, the atesh-ah camp had lots of good mid level gear. If you went too far out solo though you were dead.

  3. Alex says:

    I think there was a major lack of content outside of 2 zones. For me, I didn’t find it interesting because it was such a pain to get to. Most things in this game were that way.

  4. Dlain says:

    they really messed up oggok..the great unknown..odus. all the new “frontiers” kinda got forgotten right after the xpac came out lol. just another spot the game coulda been made even better with some improvements

  5. Limno says:

    Wife and I made our first ogre toons after our honeymoon. They were always grouped there, chilling, killing, and exploring …

  6. Nick says:

    Man my main was an ogre. Oggok and the surrounding area was by far one of my favorite. I don’t even know why. Even after many years later I can still recall the swampy landscape; the streams, the mob camps, those statues/tombstones/relics, etc…great memories. I remember soloing that tower just outside the city to get to level 10 so I could use the coach. Hah

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