I thought EQOA was so unique…

But boy was I wrong. EQOA is just a mirrored and simplified version of EQ. I have been doing some research on other MMO’s to find something similar to EQOA and I had no idea that the PS2 game derived everything including its map, quest lines, races, classes, and almost everything else directly from EQ.

There’s no telling how long EQ will remain active but I’m considering taking it for a spin.

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5 Responses to I thought EQOA was so unique…

  1. Thrazor says:

    Indeed. It was fascinating to read some of the lore on Everquest a while back. I downloaded EQ PC not too long ago but for some reason I kept having issues when I tried installing it. Decided I’d better not get into another MMO right now.

    If you get into it let me know how it is!

  2. Especially now that its free…

  3. Dude, honsetly EQ1 is cool and all, but EQOA took the towns and the world and perfected it! EQ1 has loading between ALL ZONES, the dungeons are not nearly as epic in scale or feel. Blackburrow in EQ1 looks like a little hole in a wall with some teeth on it, in EQOA the gnoll mouth is twich as big, the teeth look ten times more menacing and fog pours out of it! Virutally everything looks and feels better. Too bad they shut us down. But i can’t even believe you had no idea EQOA was a prequel to EverQuest lol. It was only THE BIGGEST phenomenon on PC when it came out in 1999 and remained so until WoW!!! Anyways ya. EQ1 may be more technical and have more spells and all that, but EQOA took all that clutter and made it more accessible! I played EQ1 for about 1 month, got to lvl 59 on my Druid Wolfmoon and it got old. The world doesn’t feel grand and adventurous to me. I get yanked out of it every zone and it just kills the feel. I could go on and on man. EQOA was a one time thing. I’ve played literally hundreds of MMORPG’s and none of them ever made me feel the sense of awe, wonder, exploration, companionship, and exploration like EQOA. “It’s time to slay the dragon!”

  4. Yes i said exploration twice! =D

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