The EQOA storyline

I’m wondering who out there can piece together the story lines from EQOA? There was a battle between the Merry-by-water and the Bobble-by-water Halflings but I have no idea why. Whose soul was in the Tomb of Kings? What was the story behind the sleshers?

If you can remember any of these or any others, please post a comment with the full details. Here’s one that I clearly do not remember well:

Some female knight had a sword that she lost and only a few people knew about it. One is in Forkwatch and he was a captain at the front gate. He said that the plans were with some shadowbandit folks kind of near Blakedown. I have no idea why these people had the plans or the scrolls or whatever it was they had, but they did. Once you got the item, you had to go to Wyndhaven where some old guy knew more about the legacy. Again, I don’t know why these people knew what they knew but the female knight in Qeynos was pretty excited that you had returned the legacy. So excited that she convinced one of her hippie friends living in a tent outside the church to give you a piece of armor.



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2 Responses to The EQOA storyline

  1. fayelle says:

    The halfling battles outside MBW was part of one of the 5 agent story quests. The agent of spite and the agent of tranquility, something about a poisoned pie and stolen recipe during a “friendly” competition

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    The chick in Qeynos was Laressa Nevar, or something. Her father had gone missing in a battle and his sword the Nevar Legacy was stolen. She sent you to FW to talk to Captain whatever, because he was traveling with her father. He tells you that they were ambushed by some bandits out by the bear cave. You run out there and find the Shadowhand bandits who have a note that leads you to WH where they have sold the sword to some dude. You go there and buy the sword back and return it to Laressa Nevar. You are rewarded with a piece of crap lv 17 piece of armor.

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