Diablo III went ahead and just did it.

Rumor has it, Diablo III is installing a pay-for-items software. I don’t play the game but the news alone makes me laugh. I used playerauctions.com for years to make money throughout my time on EQOA. It was my first experience with capitalism… and it was good. 

The full explanation is here of the process I used to generate decent money from the game. Yet what I want to say is how awesome it is that a major game producer (not that independent BS like SecondLife) finally got with the times. They have officially made it okay for people to use USD’s for ingame items.

I’m not completely clear on the details but it does seem to me to be a major powergrab by Blizzard. Instead of having players farm items that can then be sold, Blizzard can simply create the item and sell it. In some ways this evens the playing field between players that dedicate their lives to the game and weekend warriors… which is bound to cause feuds. I’m more interested in how this will play out going forward. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…


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  1. Falkrinn says:

    I always thought it would be crazy to spend rl money on in game items. On EQOA I used to have various ppl offer me USD for zp spells, bpoas, and spbps which i farmed at different times. I also didnt want usd for in game items. I felt like the time it took me to farm those items wasn’t worth it for rl money. But i enjoyed having a full bank in game. I personally like to keep the virtual world and real world seperate. I make money in rl by working and in game by farming. The joy of the game is going and getting the item. I remember how happy i was when i got my first bpoa to drop after roughly 20 hrs farming spread over about two weeks. It also made me appreciate the item much more when i used it to pl my toons. Just some thoughts on the topic.

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