How I spent the final hours

You might have spent it in Freeport shouting to save the game. You might have spent it spawning a final dragon before the servers went black for good. How did I spend it? Not on my level 60’s. Not on toons that I had spent hours perfecting. No, I spent my last hours training the absolutely shit out of some people north of Freeport.

Rallos Zek was there and people showed up in droves to take him down. In all honesty, I initially cared. We brought him down to his knees but things fell apart once he healed. Just then, my roommate walked into the room and the whole night would go down in infamy. I logged on to a 33 shaman named Corrigan. He logged on to a 31 rogue named Oriose. We proceeded to kill 74 other players over the course of 2 hours. As big of an asshole that might make me, it was one of the most fun nights I have ever had on the game.

Sincerest apologies to the people that were victims, but in my asshole defense, you were all there for the nostalgia. What’s more nostalgic than getting trained? It was glorious and it felt like 2003. I was proud of my work and I was proud of the angry tells I received from various other players such as Nahart.

I’ll miss the game but I am pretty satisfied about going out with a bang. A train bang. Which sounds like something you’d find on a smut site.

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3 Responses to How I spent the final hours

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    What was really funny was reading all the comments people were making in shouts and guild chat. They were speculating as to who Corrigan really was, and they were throwing names out and I could only laugh cuz I was in tells with you for most of your shenanigans.

  2. Northax says:


    I was expecting you to say that you went traveling to the most remote spot and sat to watch the sun set or rise, or something very emotional as such. Then you say the total opposite. That was funny… really funny!

    Well, I don’t see it as such a big deal. It’s the end of the game, at least officially according to SoE, so why the heck not? It’s not like anyone’s debt would matter… lol! So I don’t see it as such a big deal. I’d have laughed even if I died a lot. Gotta make it a fun ending! šŸ™‚

    As for training? Well, I remember in the beginning in 2003 on Castle Lightwolf (CLW) server, when we were all newbs, this one trainer, the infamous Dizzy (or something) was always training at bandit camp near DM. That ticked everyone off because we were trying to xp and level up! But looking back, I could easily let it go now (have for a long time, actually) and don’t hold it against him anymore. It was so long ago, and really created a memory for all of us, one of many different memories which should be cherished! šŸ™‚

    Sadly, I could not log into the game even if I wanted to (and I did!). I don’t have my PS2 any longer, even then I haven’t seen my EQOA disc for a long time – I think I lost it when I moved (twice). šŸ˜¦

    Anyway, I spoke to someone on a YouTube video on EQOA and was telling him to try and form a server-wide raid on Vox because I remember there was a CLW server-wide raid on Vox in the beginning of EQOA, with all different leveled people there. Was funny.

    I hope some people caught some good video of you training. I’d like to see this on YouTube within a few days if they did!

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