Zat is throwing spawn parties with gifts

Throughout the next few weeks, Zat will be hosting parties in FP. I haven’t gone to one and  probably won’t because the whole idea is a bit ridiculous. Why add items to the game now? What good are gifts on March 28th if in a few days, it’ll all get wiped anyway?

This is similar to when a guy has been banging his girlfriend’s best friend, tells the girl, breaks up with her, and then promises her they’re still going to be friends. Is that the best analogy? No, but I feel like SOE is trying to part on good enough terms that I’ll buy their products in the future. Thus my reply to Zat’s invites to these gift giving parties is simply: Thank you, but what good does it do me on April 1st?

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2 Responses to Zat is throwing spawn parties with gifts

  1. Falkrinn says:

    Agreed I dont even play anymore because the whole game revolves around either getting xp, farming, or raiding. All these things dont mean anything once April hits so I see no reason to play anymore. I have all the great memories to take with me from the game, playing from this point on just seems meaningless.

  2. Omegasteel says:

    Yea that is pointless…

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