If you can film your EQOA play and will be playing a lot over the next few weeks, I will gladly post all of your videos for all to enjoy! Email me or leave a comment!!

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12 Responses to REQUEST!

  1. Thaeus says:

    I rerolled on CLW, I was curious if there was a friendly guild to join during these final days.

    • Aldarionn says:

      Did you manage to join just by putting in your user name and password? I’m having trouble logging in. Not sure if only subscribers can join. I haven’t played in over 6 years but since I read that it was F2P during the final month I wanted to try.

  2. Any idea how to set that up? I’d love to do it…

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      They male cables that basically line in to your PC via USB that you can plug you ps2 cables into and I think it basically automatically records. There are a couple different ones I have seen.I’ve been thinking of getting some to record some shenanigans before the .

  3. Aldarionn says:

    Im thinking just set up a camera in front of the TV and record some gameplay. Thats as good an idea as any. However something came to mind to me about trying the PS2 emulator on my pc and see if I can capture something while plYong the fgame on my comp. I’ll try later today and will let you know.

  4. Stonee says:

    I know some people have used Dazzles with PS2 components.

  5. Aldarionn says:

    In the end, I’ll probably just set up my Android HD camcorder in a comfortable position that can get the entire screen and record away. It’s a high res cam even in a cell phone. The point is to get as much from the game as possible. I’ll see if I can do that. Any of you have other ideas?

  6. Spife says:

    Well that’s exactly what I’m doing! Still working out the kinks, but I have probably 3-4 hours recorded as of now, and with a gamebridge, so quality should be choice.

  7. Jeremiah says:

    Hey Friends, Just wanted to let you know i am going to be doing alot of recording this month,
    I have a sort of big Archiving plan. Ive been Testing defferent video Capture setups, looking for the best quality. what ive got so far is ok, but i have a new adapter in the mail that should improve my results.

    Here is a list of all the things i want to capture:

    1) High Quality recording Soundtrack including every track i can reach with versions of music with and without environmental noise. Also, samples of environmental sounds without music.

    2) A hour or two long capture of the beggining of each class, each in a different starting location

    3) High level content including raids and other cool places

    4) Freeport gatherings

    5) Fishing and popular Runs from one city to another

    6) Walking around main cities and other popular locations

    7) Popular camps

    Im sure theres more, but not sure how im gonna get to some of it….ive never been past lvl 30. i shure could use help from high lvl chars getting to some high end stuff. let me know if your able, or can connect me to others who can.

    I want to make an interactive video interface here on youtube to make accessing all this easy.

    Look me up

    on youtube


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