Looking for reaction posts to SOE’s announcement!

Please email me responses to today’s announcement that SOE will be shutting down EQOA. Rickstonebrook@yahoo.com.

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2 Responses to Looking for reaction posts to SOE’s announcement!

  1. Ayrica says:

    Please check out these sites if you want to save EQOA!



    and send a tweet to John Smedley’s Twitter account @j_smedley

  2. Jay says:

    From Beta 2 – right through Vox, Skyh, Epic 1, the release of Caz, IoD, LS, PoD, PoS, Epic 2, MCs, CMs, maxed alts, several All / Alls, my start in DK, and my years in Blood, mains, alts, Were 3s, and many expansions… I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have had the experience of growing with this game, playing with some of its most legendary players, and being lucky enough to scribe my own name in its history. I was fortunate to take part in some of its best and worst content before many others had the chance. I haven’t played for years. But I’ll never forget EQOA or the friends I made there. Nor will I ever try to duplicate the experience. Real life has moved me on. Thank you for the unforgettable memories.

    I played as Azraiel, Lastdance, Q, Gimlii, Hate, Toxi, and many others. Thanks for everything you gave us, SOE 🙂

    I’ll be following you from here… every now and then.

    All the best.


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